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How to Tell your Crowdfunding Story

Tell Your Crowdfunding Story Crowdfunding is storytelling with a goal. A good story excites us, brings us to our feet, and calls us to action! A bad story bores us. When putting together your video Stick to the time tested elements of storytelling, tweak them, and you have the basis of a strong crowdfunding campaign. Stick to these elements and you will have the foundation for a great crowdfunding story.

The Point: To fundraise for your project or cause

The point of a story in a crowdfunding campaign is simple: to raise money for your project or cause. Exactly what that is can be any weird, wild, and wonderful thing but the point is the same- to fundraise. Knowing the point keeps you focused.

A Dramatic Question: Why should we care?

Sure you want to fundraise but why would we want to help you? Answer this question to inform your content. “We care because this is our community”; “We care because this could happen to us”; “We care because We want a better world”. Once you determined why your audience will care, determine how to make them care which brings us too…

Emotional Content: Make us Care

Consider what will hit home with the audience. Real life stories drive a cause home. Prototypes and visuals bring life to a project. Challenge the audience to fund your campaign and tug at their emotional core with your content.

The Gift of Your Voice

This is your story. No matter how big, bold, or beautiful the cause or project- this is about you. Own it. Crowdfunding magic happens when we bust open the fundraising black box and connect fundraisers and donors directly. The more intimate this connection the better.

The Power of the Soundtrack

A soundtrack, or lack thereof, to a video can drive home a point. The inspiration to stand up and make a difference can grow with a rhythm of a growing crescendo. Check out this Rotary video and tell me you don’t feel tingle with the inspiration of Rotary

Economy and Real Estate

Our collective attention span is short. Quite frankly I am surprised you read this far in this blog. So, thank-you 🙂 The average person spends 20 seconds on a webpage and will watch a video for 30 seconds before deciding if its worth it. Make sure we know its worth it early and keep us locked in. Remeber: why do you care and why should we? If either question is not answered by some content then that content might not be necessary. If you are fundraising for disease awareness would we really care about your education? We may if it fits your story. But if it doesn’t- axe it.


Start with a picture. A short sentence. A word. Turn that word into an idea- an idea that could change the world! As the idea grows the sentences get longer, the rhythm picks up, the crescendo booms, the possibilities start exploding, your audience is not an audience anymore-they are partners: TOGETHER YOU WILL CHANGE THE WORLD! Now bring it back to earth. Shorten your sentences. Its just you and the donor. They can help. It just takes one donation. Your pace can be as varied as your campaigns. Be conscious of the journey you want to take us on and how we are going to get there.

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