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Clean Design Image
Clean Design

Attract supporters to your crowdfunding platform with Swell’s clean, no frills design.

Three-Click Donation Image
Three-Click Donation

Simplify the donor and experience with Swell’s three-click donation process.

Custom Filtering Image
Custom Filtering

Keep users feeling confident and engaged with custom filtering and platform navigation that allows them to find what they are looking for right away.

Global Payments Image
Global Payments

Collect donations from anywhere in the world!

Mobile/Responsive Image

Donate on the go! Donors are on the move and your campaigns move with them. Swell’s responsive design ensures supporters can donate from screens and devices of all models and sizes.

Social Sharing Image
Social Sharing

Encourage donors to leverage their own networks and share your non-profit story with Swell’s bold social sharing applications.

Multimedia Campaigns Image
Multimedia Campaigns

Use creative combinations of text, photos, and video to share your story with potential donors. Every Swell campaign is multimedia enabled.

Social Media Engagements (Events and Online) Image
Social Media Engagements (Events and Online)

Keep all conversations related to your campaign and related events in one place with add on, Hashpipe. Hashpipe is a real-time collection of hashtags connected to your organization from social applications Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.

Donor Givebacks Image
Donor Givebacks

Show your supporters how much they’re appreciated. ‘Givebacks’ are the perfect way to say thank you with a gift that’s instant and personalized.

Administration Panel Image
Administration Panel

Manage your platform with ease with Swell’s administration panel. Our management window provides a simple, user friendly interface for setting up and managing your custom platform.

Donor Insights Image
Donor Insights

Know your donors! Swell crowdfunding platforms collect tons of helpful data to help you stay up-to-date on your donors’ needs and preference.

Tax Receipting Image
Tax Receipting

Integrate with your tax receipting system. We work with you to determine exactly how funds are best collected and/or distributed for your organization.